Who we are

Gotya Technologies is a UK technology company developing AI conversational tools for the cybersecurity, telephone sales, customer service and healthcare sectors.

The company has built a proprietary technology using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to analyse voice and text-based communications in real time with high accuracy and low latency.

Our technology is patent protected. We are a young and dynamic team based in London that combines experience in software development, AI research and business.

What we do

Gotya’s mission is to improve the quality and hence utility of human-human and human-machine conversation.

We create software tools that enable individuals and businesses to harness the power of advanced AI seamlessly, and make every interaction insightful, actionable, and valuable.

Our first product, the Gotya Scam Analysis Engine is an application programming interface (API) that utilises advanced AI to detect scam phone calls and text messages in real-time. Our advanced analysis engine provides protection to users during live calls and text messaging by warning them if they are being scammed before any sensitive information has been shared with the scammer.

How we work

We sell access to our APIs on a per-use basis, enabling businesses to add our conversational analysis engine to their enterprise or consumer applications. By providing our customers access via our API, we equip them with the tools to integrate our advanced AI technologies into their products, enhancing capability and value.

We have focused initially on providing our technology for scam detention and prevention, and are currently developing collaborations with customers in the banking and telecoms sectors. We welcome interest from potential new customers for our scam detection application.

Additionally, Gotya is exploring the application of its conversation analysis technology in the sales, customer service and healthcare sectors. Please contact us to explore how we can help you to get the most from your conversations!